BELTUG answer on the consultation on the Strategic Plan of the BIPT


On 23 November 2010, BIPT published its final Strategic Plan 2010-2013 “Moving Forward to a Strong & Independent BIPT”, after a phase of actively listening to diverse stakeholders. The plan starts off well with a quote from BELTUG on p.2: “The strategic plan provides a good overview of the projects and position of BIPT regarding all of the parties concerned. The projects are ambitious.”

The document can be consulted on the BIPT website (NL FR) and comprises approximately 40 pages. BELTUG commented extensively on the draft Strategic Plan. 

The BELTUG answer (only available in Dutch) can be downloaded from our site.
Some of the points we outlined in the consultation include:
• There remains a lack of competition in the business market of communication services, for fixed as well as for mobile and for integrated services. Persuading operators of the rewards of investing in Belgium remains an enormous challenge.
• We see a real risk of delay in the rollout of mobile broadband in Belgium. We urge our policy makers to work out a clear spectrum policy agreement between broadcast and telecom authorities, to optimise the work of BIPT.
• One of BELTUG’s primary concerns is whether the necessary means (budgets, personnel, know-how, etc) have been made available to realise all these ambitious plans.
• We are pleased by BIPT’s determination to better understand the experiences and needs of business organisations and to make sure that they will be taken into account.
• We also encourage BIPT’s stated intention to participate actively in the BEREC (the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) to take into account the services and obligations towards enterprises.
More over, it is stated in (8.7.3) of the plan: “This vast active listening exercise was not of course intended to be a one-time event and is to be continued throughout the mandate of the current Council. To this end, the Council will ensure that BIPT is accessible to everyone and that it maintains an open mind”.
We promise to keep the dialogue going and to keep you posted.


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