BELTUG on the Microsoft/Skype deal


BELTUG on the Microsoft/Skype deal

Often it is said that Skype is not ready yet for enterprise communication. Nevertheless, already many companies use Skype. After the takeover of Skype by Microsoft, Microsoft gets access to a worldwide communication platform without entering the regulated telecoms market. Moreover, Microsoft can integrate voice and video in its collaboration offer. Many suppliers of unified communications will have swallowed. Will Skype continue to work with companies such as Avaya? Microsoft could opt for a closed system. But it is crucial that Skype stays possible on platforms of Apple, Linux and Android. A recent BELTUG-study reveals that ICT-managers fear for a vendor lock. This take over also gives a new interesting dimension to net neutrality, although many questions remain today. For sure, it will lead to advanced IT-consumerisation. Danielle Jacobs, BELTUG’s director, expresses hope that all the recent changes in the ICT-world will bring more competition.

Impact van Microsoft-Skype ook voor bedrijven groot

De l’impact de Microsoft-Skype sur les entreprises

[DNBE - 18 May 2011]


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