BELTUG response to the public consultation on Cybersurveillance of the Privacy Commission


The commission for the protection of privacy, better known as the Belgian Privacy Commission, has written a very interesting 9 page document with recommendations on 'cybersurveillance'; on how employers can control electronic communication in business, with respect to the privacy of their employees.

Pls. find the BELTUG response to the consultation here (available in Dutch). We suggest not only to talk about email and internet, but to open up the discussion and include SMS/MMS, geolocation, voice messages and recordings, tele- en videoconferencing, Instant messaging (IM), social networks, and smartphone and tablet usage.

We still welcome your comments. BELTUG will follow up on this important topic and attend the meeting planned on Dec 16. Next year we will update our "Corporate Policy Paper".  

More info on the work of the privacy commission on their website in Dutch (doc "Aanbevelingen") or French (doc "Recommendations")

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