Voting in European Parliament on mobile roaming goes in the right direction


Generally good news - INTUGs efforts on behalf of users continue to bear fruit.

The members of Parliament on the ITRE Committee (Industry, Research and Energy) have today just voted through proposals that could see the data roaming rate in Europe cut significantly. The wholesale price of data will fall to 5 Euro Cents per MB  from July 1st 2014 (from July 1st this year it will be capped at 25 Euro cents, then 15 Euro Cents from July 1st 2013). The expectation is that retail rates will then drop significantly for consumers as operators try to outdo each other for roaming business by offering cheaper deals. 

The original proposals had been for much higher figures, and INTUG and others had argued for the rate to reduce to €0.03, so this is close to target.
It is now down to the Council to look at, and INTUG will maintain pressure - perhaps they will go even further! The decision of the Council is expected in April 2012.


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