INTUG Submits Contribution on Roaming for ITU


As a sector member of ITU, INTUG was able to make a submission (PDF) to the Council Working Group preparing for the ITU WCIT-12 in Dubai later this year.
The submission focuses on roaming and whilst supporting the interim measures proposes a clause to eliminate roaming charges completely in the long term.
Interim periods of regulation prior to elimination of roaming charges may include capping prices at wholesale and retail level, where legal instruments exist, with an agreed glide path towards elimination.

Recommendations must cover voice, SMS and mobile data in particular. Caps must fall rapidly, especially at wholesale level, which have no relation to cost.

Retail margins are also too high and inconsistent in both absolute and percentage terms. New devices generate exponentially increasing volumes, from feature phones at 10-20MB per month, to smartphones at 1GB per month, to tablets at 2.5GB per month. In the absence of price caps, structural solutions, e.g. local break out could be considered.

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