‘Inspiring’ discussions for INTUG & Vice President Kroes


INTUG’s meeting with Vice President Neelie Kroes at the European Commission this October 11 offered an opportunity for frank and inspiring discussions on the issues facing business users of telecoms today. The INTUG delegation reflected the organisation’s role of representing the interests of public and private business users of telecommunications globally. Led by Chairman Danielle Jacobs, it included participants from the Belgian, Dutch, French, German and UK user associations and from companies Coca Cola, SITA Waste Services and Cofinimmo. Vice President Neelie Kroes was joined by members of her Cabinet.

Telecoms investment to grow the economy

“We welcome the European Commission’s announcement of the Connecting Europe Facility,” comments INTUG Chairman Danielle Jacobs. “And we were pleased with Vice President Kroes’ speech to the ETNO conference urging incumbents to invest in the rollout of high speed fibre networks. This would support the European economy in growing through innovative new business processes.” The conversation also covered the balanced programme of actions for roaming and wholesale broadband in the Digital Agenda.

International market for mobile services

But there is still a long way to go. INTUG presented VP Kroes with its Position Paper on The Dysfunctional Market of International Mobile Services for MNCs. The paper highlights the difficulties caused by the lack of international mobile network services.

Challenges of cloud computing

The challenges of Cloud Computing for businesses, including trust, certification, security and data protection, were stressed. “Flexibility to switch providers must be improved,” underscores Danielle Jacobs. “We must avoid lock-in through vertical integration and/or exclusivity of elements, which is an increased risk for M2M communications using embedded mobile transceivers.”

Overlooked markets

The participants agreed that the impending consultation on the Review of Relevant Markets presents an opportunity to consider the needs of currently overlooked markets, such as international network services. And INTUG praised BEREC’s progress in using Article 7 procedures and its partnership with the Commission, as well as its intention to retain the monitoring of the business market within its 2013 work program.

Accelerating the Digital Agenda

Finally, Vice President Kroes encouraged the INTUG representatives to keep her informed of "out of the box" ideas that could help advance and accelerate the Digital Agenda goals.


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