BELTUG Paper: The rise of M2M communications: questions and challenges in numbering.


For some time, organisations, authorities and users have been aware that the advent of M2M (machine-to-machine) communications will give rise to a number of challenges. The BIPT/IBPT, for example, is already working to address some of the issues. These include the fact that there are far too few numbers available to meet the demand of the expected 50 billion devices that will be communicating between each other via internet by 2020.

But while some actions are already being taken and some questions answered, those answers are resulting in new questions that will affect telecoms users. How will the new number system by handled? What will be included? How will migration be managed? Importantly, what about SIM cards – and their mobility? And how can we avoid vendor lock-in?

We have put together a paper, available in Dutch and French, which addresses the issues and lays out the areas that need clarification and consideration. We also explain recent developments and make concrete recommendations for the regulator.

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