Fragmented services market costs billions


More than 100 billion euros in economic losses: that's the impact of the fragmented electronic communications services market, says a report by WIK Consult. The study was carried out for ECTA (European Competitive Telecommunications Association) and INTUG. It concludes that EU-level regulatory action is needed to tap the full potential of the Digital Single Market for businesses and productivity.

In the survey, nearly 70% of business end-users said they preferred to purchase telecoms services from a single provider covering multiple countries. However, most added that in reality this was not usually a practical option. They are concerned about the fragmented regulation of business service products across Europe, which seriously impacts their ability to use seamless cross-border services.

The report and a summary can be downloaded from the INTUG website, and ECTA and INTUG have released a joint press release about the report.


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