INTUG in Mexico, as government moves to increase competition


INTUG had a very constructive meeting in Mexico, 29-30 January, including a productive get-together with the Mexican telecoms regulator, reports Danielle Jacobs, INTUG Chairman and BELTUG General Manager.

The meeting focused on roaming in Latin America. Roaming is a particularly pressing issue in Mexico and other Latin American countries, as the current telecoms set-up can result in roaming even within a country.

At the event, INTUG presented the BELTUG/INTUG Position Paper - The Dysfunctional Market of International Mobile Services for MNCs, and reviewed the global situation for roaming charges.

The INTUG delegation also met with mobile operators active in the market. Other topics of discussion included mobile banking and security issues for smartphones and mobile devices.

The INTUG meetings coincided with actions by the Mexican government to stimulate competition in the mobile market, including by setting up a new telecoms regulator. More information about the new regulator can be found in this article.

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