BELTUG cooperations for mobile device tax policy and much more


BELTUG cooperates with other organisations that share our vision and priorities (even in part), helping both us and them to strengthen our lobbying, information sharing and networking possibilities. In particular, BELTUG is currently looking for groups that will support our position on (para)fiscal treatment of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. We invite other organisations who share our position (read it in FR and NL) to contact us.

CIO Club Wallonie-Bruxelles, the NWOW coalition and V-ICT-OR have all indicated their support of our position. How about you?

In other cooperation news, BELTUG was invited to address the Annual Meeting of Dutch group BTG. It is clear that our two organisations have a lot of experience and content to exchange, which can add value to all our members. We look forward to increased future competition with BTG.

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