BELTUG & INTUG spread message at high-level events


Over the past weeks, BELTUG and INTUG representatives have had some great opportunities to spread our messages and support our members’ needs and priorities, by taking part in key initiatives and events, and networking with important and high-level contacts.

In June, Danielle Jacobs represented both BELTUG and INTUG at the Digital Agenda Assembly (DAA) 2013 Dublin, participating in a workshop panel on “Broadband demand stimulation: the impact of cloud”. Her panel colleagues came from CISCO, SAP and Salesforce, making Danielle the ‘voice of the user’ in this discussion.

Danielle also took part in the Trends/Tendances Summer University, which brought together 60 CEOs from Belgian listed companies and other top businesses,  21-22 June 2013. In a panel, she and CEOs from Microsoft, Mobistar and Cap Gemini discussed what evolutions in Big Data, cloud, mobile devices and applications and more can mean for the economy.

Not only do these events offer the chance to present BELTUG/INTUG to a growing audience, but they also create opportunities to make new contacts. At the DAA in Dublin, Enterprise Ireland set up introductions for INTUG Board Members Leonard Pera and Danielle with several Irish ICT companies to learn about developments in Ireland. They discussed topics such as SLAs for networking services, mobile applications, BYOD and telecom expense management. The discussions on the evolution of WiFi and SIP standards were especially useful.

Finally, Danielle was very pleased to be invited to the VIP lunch at the ECTA Conference on The Single Market for Telecoms, where she was seated next to Leonidas Kanellos, BEREC Chair 2013 (representing the 27 regulators), and had the chance to speak with many key people including Roberto Viola (Deputy Director General, DG CNECT), Tom Ruhan (Chair of ECTA ) and others. "These opportunities show how BELTUG and INTUG are increasing their reach and influence," says Danielle. "We are seeing new opportunities for us to lobby for our members and to get our positions across, on topics such as eliminating barriers for companies and stimulating competition, all of which will have an important economic impact."


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