Neelie Kroes references ECTA/INTUG study in speech on 'Ensuring Connectivity for the Digital Economy'


“The boost from a competitive single market in telecommunications could be 110 billion euros a year. Quality communications for business could be worth 800 billion over 15 years. Broadband could create 2 million jobs”,  stated EU digital commissioner, Neelie Kroes, during her 9 July 2013 speech at the ITRE Committee Meeting in the European Parliament, Brussels. These details come from a study commissioned by INTUG and ECTA and carried out by WIK Consult.

Highlighting the economic impact of a fragmented market, she insisted, "The whole economy is relying on digital tools and networks. Sectors from banking to logistics, automotive to audiovisual. And, beyond that: all kinds of companies are crying out for the connectivity that could transform their business: from videoconferencing to cloud computing to 3D printing. Companies of every size in every sector. They are fed up with not having them."

Laying out her ‘pragmatic’ approach, she described her package for September, including three keys to boosting competitivity across the EU: “First, for truly European networks, it must be easier to communicate across borders. Without operators facing a tangle of different, incompatible rules… Second, those operators need 'inputs' – the networks to run on… Third, our citizens need to enjoy fair rights and a fair deal – across the Union.”

In the ECTA/INTUG study, both organisations call upon the Commission to act quickly and firmly to enhance the conditions of the digital single market for businesses. A harmonisation of EU rules would allow European companies to gain ground over their global competitors. We are very pleased this message is getting across and being promoted at a high level.

You can read Commissioner Kroes’s speech here, and the ECTA/INTUG study on the INTUG website.

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