BELTUG survey reveals members' perceptions of mobile networks


The performance of mobile networks in Belgium remains a very hot topic for companies, as the strong response to our "Perception of the mobile networks performance by companies & public institutions" in May 2013 clearly showed. In total, 320 members took part - and almost 1 out of 3 participants wrote a comment, which is very exceptional in online surveys! 47% of the respondents provided their perceptions on voice, and 70% responded to the questions on data.

So what are the key issues for BELTUG members' regarding mobile networks?

  • Fall-back to edge
  • Dropped calls
  • Oudoor coverage
  • Quality stability
  • Network set-up
  • Service quality
  • Indoor coverage
  • Speed
  • Roaming
  • Failed call set-ups.

It's important to keep in mind that the survey was based on perceptions, not measured performance. BELTUG is discussing the results with Proximus and Mobistar. We will present their reactions at the BELTUG member forum 10 October. BELTUG members can find more details in the pdf, below.


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