BELTUG meets with the Council of regulator BIPT-IBPT


A BELTUG delegation met with the recently recomposed Board of BIPT-IBPT, to address a number of topics that are important for business users.

In August of this year, BIPT-IBPT passed some important decisions to increase the competitivity of the market for leased lines. We hope to see some good results in the coming months.

BELTUG is very interested to find out what market share Belgacom holds in the main markets, as this is a key indicator about the level of competition.  BIPT-IBPT will determine what information about the business market can and should be made public to support this awareness.

BELTUG has also asked BIPT-IBPT to help on the international level for a solution to avoid M2M lock-in: we believe business users should be able to change mobile operator without needing to physically change the SIM card.

To follow up, BELTUG will stay in touch with BIPT-IBPT and keep raising issues!


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