Telecommunications Advisory Committee finally looks at business markets


Focus on corporate networks, price comparisons:
The lack of competition in the Belgian telecoms market has been a real concern for many years, and BELTUG has been very vocal about it.  For a long time, we have encouraged the BIPT - IBPT and the government to broaden their focus from only the residential telecoms market, to include the business market. These efforts have at last paid off, and the business environment will now be a target of focus as well, which will certainly have a positive impact for our members.

For example, lack of competition has resulted in prices in Belgium remaining high compared to other countries. Price comparisons across countries have been made for the residential market; now they will also be made for the business segment – a big step forward!

Mobile network
BIPT will build a system for mobile network coverage and speed in Belgium, like the system that already exists in Germany. This system will be usable by anyone.

Ethernet tariffs
In August 2013, BIPT - IBPT made an important decision to increase the competitiveness of the market for leased lines. Thanks to this move, other telecom operators will be able to make better use of the Belgacom infrastructure. We hope to see some good results in the coming months.


The Advisory Committee on Telecommunications, of which BELTUG is a member, works out recommendations on all matters relating to telecommunications, either on its own initiative or at the request of the competent Minister or the BIPT - IBPT. These recommendations relate to the activities of the BIPT - IBPT as well as to certain aspects of telecoms service in general.




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