INTUG participates in OECD meeting in Paris


INTUG took part in a recent OECD meeting in Paris, which attracted around 150 delegates from 30 countries. As usual, INTUG was very active in contributing business user views on priority topics, notably fixed broadband, international termination charges, Quality of Service and IPv6 Transition.

INTUG's contributions included:

  • Broadband: INTUG noted that service differentiation via traffic management is essential, but discriminatory throttling and blocking must be prevented.
  • International termination charges:INTUG will make a written submission expressing serious concerns about the impact of this practice on international on-line business with the countries involved.
  • Quality of Service: INTUG explained that QoS, including speed measurement, is a 'Holy Grail' for business users, and has been for decades.
  • Transition to IPv4: INTUG recognises that it is an issue of global concern.

You can read a summary of the topics discussed and INTUG's contribution here.

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