BELTUG takes on software license challenges

Many BELTUG members are increasingly confronted with software licensing issues. The software licensing debate is extremely complex, as software vendors carry out more audits to verify license usage and to check if companies are complying.

Furthermore, our members observe that the license structures are often not in line with the new reality and expectations surrounding the virtualisation of IT environments and trends like BYOD and cloud. And vendors may put part of their terms and conditions on webpages, and neglect to inform their customers of these change.

In the face of popular request by members, BELTUG has taken up the software license challenge. We agreed to:

  • Set up a joint exchange of thought with the major software vendors, going beyond the individual commercial relationships of our members
  • Create a platform for our members where they can exchange thoughts and experiences
  • Clarify the rights and obligations of our members during a software audit.

The debate is a hot topic, and has already attracted press attention, including press articles in Data News and Trends

You aren’t in charge of software licenses but your colleague is? Don’t hesitate to inform them about BELTUG’s software licensing initiatives.

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