BELTUG brings business issues to digital plan Minister Vande Lanotte


BIPT has performed a new analysis of the prices for mobile and fixed communications (including broadband), following the survey carried out in 2013. You can read the report here (in French/Dutch)

As a member of the Advisory Committee on Telecommunications*, BELTUG participated in putting together and communicating an opinion on Minister of Economy Johan Vande Lanotte’s note on the digital economy of Belgium. This allowed us to ensure that the needs of our members receive the special attention they deserve, such as benchmarking of prices for business communications with neighbouring countries, removing the lock-in for M2M communication, bringing together the budgets for internet security, and more.

Thanks to BELTUG’s lobbying efforts, by Q3 2014 BIPT will make an evaluation of the prices of mobile and fixed communications for businesses in neighbouring countries and compare them to the situation in Belgium.

*The Advisory Committee on Telecommunications, of which BELTUG is a member, works out recommendations on all matters relating to telecommunications, either on its own initiative or at the request of the competent Minister or the BIPT - IBPT. These recommendations relate to the activities of the BIPT - IBPT as well as to certain aspects of telecoms service in general.

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