BELTUG/INTUG talk mobile security at ISACA


Danielle Jacobs was invited to represent BELTUG & INTUG at the conference on mobile security hosted by ISACA Malta Chapter on 4 April 2014. She discussed a number of concerns, including:

“I was especially struck by the interesting speakers and the topic of geo-location, which is increasingly important,” she commented. “There are 750,000 apps in the App store, and over 90% record and transmit the user’s geo-location. The availability of this info, combined with other data from our applications and machine-to-machine (M2M), is going to change our privacy enormously. This is going to pose incredible regulatory challenges around the world. We need to be aware and prepared.”

In parallel with the conference, Jacobs had an excellent opportunity to meet ICT and business students at the University of Malta, and to make useful contacts.

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