BELTUG/INTUG join forces with the Campaign for Clear Licensing

Software license issues are a priority for BELTUG members, on both the national and international levels. INTUG's work on the topic is therefore important for BELTUG members as well .

INTUG and BELTUG are joining forces with the Campaign for Clear Licensing, to build an even stronger position on the issues. BELTUG took part in the most recent Campaign for Clear Licensing meeting, in London.  INTUG will be represented at the next meeting, where we will discuss issues with Oracle. In addition, BELTUG has offered to host Campaign for Clear Licensing meetings in Brussels.

Campaign for Clear Licensing aims to reduce the indirect costs of using commercial software,  working with software publishers, end users and the reseller community to improve the clarity and usability of software license terms and conditions, and to develop an industry code of conduct for resolving disputes, including during audits. The value of the efforts of this young not-for-profit is clear. While organisations are generally enthusiastic users of technology who recognise the need to pay a fair price for it, software licensing is increasingly complex. This is blocking the adoption of new transformative technology and innovation.

Software licensing can even border on predatory, as some software publishers view licensing as a way to extract revenue and protect their market share, without taking into account the interests of their customers. Licensing practices are also confusing: they do not use terms that are

  • clear to a lay person
  • applied in the same way across all the platforms and infrastructures that we find in a single organisation today
  • reasonably enforceable by organisations.

Interested? You can get involved by registering on and by providing feedback on the Campaign for Clear Licensing Manifesto. The Campaign for Clear Licensing is a collaborative effort and can only succeed with your participation. Feel free to share this initiative with as many people as possible.

BELTUG/INTUG will continue to keep you updated on our collaboration with the Campaign for Clear Licensing.








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