INTUG at ETNO and Telecom Italia workshop ahead of Italian EU Presidency


INTUG was invited to speak at the “A New Digital Agenda for Europe” workshop jointly organised by ETNO and Telecom Italia ahead of the Italian Presidency of the EU. The event brought together 200 senior representatives from the ICT industry, EU institutions, the investor community, academia, consultancies and consumers organisations across the EU.

Discussion revolved around the implications of the evolution of the Internet value chain. The digital consumer has evolved into a data hungry, “content-enthusiast”, and this evolution is re-shaping the digital markets. Speakers and guests debated the consequences of the changes and what conclusions should be drawn.

INTUG focused on the divergence of the needs of businesses and consumers, including the need for a competitive market, as well as the importance of ICT for businesses and thus the economy. This was highlighted with concrete examples of difficulties business face – such as the importance of M2M and the need to find a way to change mobile operator without physically changing SIM card, the complexity of software licenses (especially for cloud models) and the position of Apple in certifying 4G mobile networks.

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