Nick White, INTUG's EVP, participated in the OECD's Communications Working Party in Paris, taking part in the discussion regarding draft papers on Service Bundles and Mobile Market Developments.   The OECD has found that only slightly over half the operators in countries where bundles are offered still provide a standalone broadband offering, reflecting the focus on mass market Triple Play. Nick pointed out that a standalone broadband offering is an essential service for business users, especially SMEs outside city centres. If the trend continues, he explained, standalone broadband services could become unavailable.  

In the Mobile Market Development debate, there was some encouraging news about network sharing, with several examples of MNOs sharing access facilities. This suggests that flexibility of access networks might become more prevalent.  Nick pointed out the advantages to users of being able to access any operator's access network and the importance of this for connected "things" and M2M applications.  He reminded delegates that the mobile environment continues to be a patchwork of national islands with no real international market.  

The third main topic was IPv6. Delegates reviewed the continued lack of take-up and considered the economic case for transition to IPv6.  INTUG may make a written submission on this issue.  The meeting attracted around 70 delegates from 25+ countries and occurs every 6 months at OECD's headquarters.

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