BELTUG clarifies Press reporting of results on UC market shares from Market Survey


The publication of our Market Survey for our members in June has received a lot of attention in the Press. However, due to the limited space available for covering some of our results, certain information was presented in a way that could be misinterpreted, resulting in confusion.

In particular, we have been receiving many questions about a graph on market shares of UC products in Belgium (see below). The graph shows the results for the question “Which product is primarily used or being primarily considered for UC within your company.”

As we highlighted in the report text, this particular graph does not represent the market shares for suppliers, as many companies use multiple UC tools. Unfortunately, this important distinction did not come across in the Press reports.

To clarify, this means that the market shares of the various suppliers are much higher than what you see in this graph. It is certainly not correct to say that Microsoft is taking over business telephony. Quite a few companies use Lync for internal communications, and another supplier for telephony. Other important remarks include:

  • More than 40% of the larger organisations don’t use UC at the moment;
  • Amongst the organisations using UC, 55% do not have integrated UC and voice. These will use suppliers other than Microsoft.
  • The cloud version of MS Lync offers no integration of telephony.

Here is the graphic in question:

market survey UC market shares


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