Cloud Service Level Agreement Standardisation Guidelines


The Cloud Select Industry Group (C-SIG) on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) including BELTUG and INTUG delegates, presented a set of guidelines covering essential cloud contract elements to the European Commission.

The guidelines should help business users to get the most out of cloud computing services and to increase trust in using these services. The main objective of these guidelines is to help professional cloud users to ensure essential elements are included in plain language contracts governing business relations with cloud providers. Relevant items discussed in the guidelines include service level objectives on the level of performance, security, data management, and personal data protection.

The C-SIG on SLAs is also working with the ISO Cloud Computing Working Group, to present a European position on SLA standardisation. As such the guidelines discussed will feed the ISO’s effort to establish international standards on SLAs for cloud computing.

The document is a first step towards standardised building blocks for cloud service related SLA terminology and metrics.

The European Commission’s press release

The guidelines

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