BELTUG consults on FON and Wi-Free for business users


Both Belgacom and Telenet offer residential Wi-Fi customers the opportunity to surf “for free” on all the other FON (Belgacom) or Wi-Free (Telenet) points in Belgium. The customers’ Wi-Fi modems essentially send out two separate and distinct Wi-Fi signals: a private signal for the customer’s use only, and a public signal that other subscribers can use.

Several BELTUG members have told BELTUG they would like to use the FON or Wi-Free hotspots to give their employees Wi-Fi access on the road. In practice this isn’t currently possible, because signing in requires a personal log-in, which causes difficulties at the corporate level.

BELTUG has begun discussions with Belgacom and Telenet to see how to find a solution that allows business users to access this potentially useful service. We will keep you informed of the progress of our discussions.

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