Towards more data centres in Belgium - BELTUG position


More and more, companies are using applications and data that are not physically in their own computers. Instead, the servers are located in data centres and connected to the company via networks. This situation is growing and will continue to grow with the increasing importance of cloud computing.

It isn’t only large companies who are making use of data centres: SMEs as well find the ability to use a high-tech, secured environment a benefit. Public institutions are also feeling the pull of the external data centre.

Compared to our neighbouring countries, in Belgium there is a smaller installed capacity of data centres available commercially. As a result, some companies may opt to keep their applications and data in data centres in other countries.

BELTUG believes that it is in the benefit of Belgium and of our companies and institutions to stimulate the growth in data centres in Belgium through measures in the tax and energy domains. The positive effects of such a move would include:

  • A better qualitative and quantitative Belgian data centre offer
  • Improved ICT and energy efficiency in Belgium.

BELTUG has put together a Position (Dutch only) on the issue of increasing tha availability of data centres in Belgium.

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