INTUG/BELTUG promote the interests of the ICT business user on the international level


BELTUG and INTUG have been busy communicating the needs of ICT business users to key groups, including BEREC and ECTA. At the 2nd BEREC stakeholder forum in Brussels, 16 October 2014, both Nick White (INTUG EVP) and Danielle Jacobs (INTUG Chairman and General Manager of BELTUG) spoke to an audience made up of all 28 regulators. Nick spoke about the future model for roaming, while Danielle presented on the needs and dynamic of companies and the business users.

You can see both presentation on BELTUG TV.

INTUG was also invited to present at the ECTA Regulatory Conference 2014, 18-20 November, in Brussels. ECTA is the European Competitive Telecommunications Association, whose mission is "to promote and foster a regulatory environment for the European Communications Sector which ultimately supports free market competition and leads to political, social and economic benefits for all Europe’s businesses and consumers." At the conference, Danielle spoke to an audience of over 300 about INTUG's main communication points.

INTUG and BELTUG are now preparing to meet with the new Commission in order to make them aware of the barriers companies face for international ICT. We will keep you informed of our ongoing efforts on behalf of our members and the ICT business user.


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