BELTUG requests criteria clarification from Head of ASTRID Safety Commission Marc Looze


BELTUG has written to Marc Looze, Head of the ASTRID Safety Commission, with suggestions on clarifying the criteria for ASTRID indoor coverage. The recommendations were based on input from our members.

In the ASTRID regulations, certain new-built buildings must foresee ASTRID indoor coverage. However, BELTUG finds that there are many questions among its members about how to comply with the requirements. In the letter BELTUG calls for more transparent criteria, e.g. on which new buildings will require the ASTRID coverage.

For example, the term "150 people in the building" is used to define the requirements. However, it is not clear whether this means 150 people simultaneously, 150 people over the course of a day, 150 people who regularly access the building, etc. In discussions, ASTRID has indicated to BELTUG that this refers to "150 people simultaneously", however, this isn't yet clarified in the written requirements. Transparent criteria will help businesses ensure that they are in compliance with these important emergency service requirements.

You can read the full letter from BELTUG here (Dutch only).

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