BELTUG takes membersí needs to Proximus and Telenet


BELTUG is taking the needs of our members right to the providers, to ensure those needs are heard and met. Recently, BELTUG organised 2 panels, with Proximus and with Telenet.

In November, we arranged an event for our members with Telenet, at Telenet’s offices, to express the concerns of businesses users about the "De Grote Netwerf”.

And in December, we brought together specialist members delegates in a workshop with Proximus to discuss Proximus’ billing evolution. Based on the results and feedback of that workshop, we can take members’ specific concerns to Proximus for discussion. A follow-up meeting with Proximus is foreseen. If you are interested in being involved, please let us know.

By maintaining a positive and beneficial relationship with providers, BELTUG is helping to promote and ensure transparency between business users and the companies that provide them with ICT services.

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