Danielle Jacobs invited by Commissioner Oettinger for high-level roundtable on high-speed digital networks


INTUG Chairman and BELTUG General Manager Danielle Jacobs took part in a roundtable organised by European Commissioner Günther Oettinger on the Investment Plan recently announced by President Jean-Claude Juncker. The event, on 16 January 2015, was the first in a series that is intended to support the achievement of the goals for high-speed broadband connectivity in Europe.

The roundtable participants included CEOs of key telecom operators, high-level delegates from international financial institutions (the EIB and World Bank) and representatives from the investment and user communities - from BEUC for consumers and from INTUG for business users.

The event was an ideal opportunity for INTUG not only to present the needs and priorities of the business users, but to promote discussion about them by a range of high-level stakeholders

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