BELTUG calls for single telecoms market in published opinion


ICT is not only important for companies’ organisation, but for their innovation as well. In an opinion published in Datanews, BELTUG Chairman Danielle Jacobs lays out BELTUG’s call for a single telecoms market, and highlights the barriers companies now face.

Some of the barriers mentioned include a complicated (para)fiscal regime for mobile work, the lack of a powerful cybersecurity centre, vendor lock-in for UC solutions and more.

A Europe-wide framework is needed to free companies operating internationally from these barriers that are stifling economic opportunities. BELTUG does see some positive movement: BEREC, which brings together 28 European telecoms regulators, is putting focus on business ICT concerns.

However, the momentum needs to be continued, for Europe and for Belgium. BELTUG will continue to work to promote the needs of business users.

You can read the article in Dutch or French.

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