BELTUG and INTUG disappointed with EU Council decision on roaming


INTUG and BELTUG are very disappointed with the European Council's decision to postpone the abolition of international roaming charges within the European Union.  This outdated and punitive tax on trade, especially for data roaming, continues to block investment in cross border business applications, whilst continuing to remind citizens that in telecommunications there is still no Single Market.  Opportunities for machine to machine communications will continue to be hindered, and Europe’s competitive position damaged whilst this unjustified payment is levied.

Commenting on the other major element of the European Council decision, relating to network neutrality, Danielle Jacobs, General Manager of BELTUG and Chairman of INTUG, said, “INTUG and BELTUG are both monitoring the debate on network neutrality carefully, including the risks associated with inconsistent policy and regulation between the EU and the US, following the recent FCC decision.  Businesses need choice in internet service quality.  This must be delivered transparently by differentiation without discrimination”.

She also notes that the Council's decision on roaming is not final, and that INTUG and BELTUG will continue to speak out and lobby for the abolition of roaming charges at the various European levels.

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