BELTUG's 10-Point Plan for the Belgian Government


Mobile communications taxes, mobile network performance, electronic invoicing for the government, a single European digital market... these are a few of the topics covered in BELTUG's 10-Point Plan for the Belgian Government. After carefully analysing the government's coalition agreement and the specific platforms of Minister De Croo and Secretary of State Tommelein, BELTUG has drafted the plan to cover the main issues of concern for ICT business users. 

The 10 points covered are summarised as follows:

  • The counter-productive parafiscal framework for mobile communications”
  • Insufficient competition in telecoms: companies do not have an adequate choice in offers
  • A coherent cybersecurity strategy, a clear point of contact between business and government, and precise rules regarding privacy to create confidence in the internet economy
  • Active promotion of the single telecoms market, a European framework for data protection and the elimination of roaming in Europe
  • Monitoring and improvement in mobile network performance, which companies rely on more and more
  • A critical evaluation of the ASTRID requirements for indoor coverage in new buildings
  • e-Billing for public administrations: we applaud the digitisation of the public sector, but call for an effective approach that will not place unnecessary burdens on companies and public entities.
  • IPv6 awareness amongst companies
  • The updating of the legal framework regarding telephone numbers to avoid negatively impacting innovation with an ill-fitting regulatory environment
  • BELTUG intends to collaborate more closely on the e-commerce platform to address ICT problems

Our Plan is available in Dutch and French.

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