Software license issues: BELTUG meets with BSA + BELTUG to draft checklist & Code of Conduct


Following our "Open Letter to BSA" and recommendations on what to do should you receive a letter from BSA,  BELTUG had a very constructive face-to-face meeting with representatives of BSA on Friday, 27 March. We informed them that we intend to draft a checklist for companies with Dos and Don’ts regarding software audits, which should be published in May 2015. We will also draft a Code of Conduct proposal for software companies.

In the meantime, the BSA has send us a response to our Open Letter, which you can read here.

If you wish to be involved in the process for drafting either the Checklist or the Code of Conduct, please send an email with your details to Danielle.

In addition, on 19 May, we are organizing a session on software audit tools with Deloitte, KBC and the Dutch Police.

Software license issues remain high on the list of priorities for businesses, and we will certainly keep our members informed.

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