INTUG Participates in European Commission Study by WIK-Consult


In a workshop, INTUG brought together business users and national users’ groups to discuss access and interoperability pain points

INTUG organised a workshop with WIK-Consult on 21 May 2015, as part of the information gathering process for a large-scale, EU-level study for the European Commission on access and operability standards for the promotion of the internal EU market for electronic communications.

In a lively discussion led by Ilsa Godlovitch, Director of WIK-Consult Brussels Office, high-level IT users from major international companies and representatives of national users’ groups discussed important features and parameters for broadband connection, barriers to international communications, and potential solutions and principles for greater harmonisation.

Some specific topics covered included:

  • Which technical and service characteristics for high bandwidth (broadband and leased line) connections are most important for businesses.
  • Real-life experiences with the quality or consistency of these connections across the sites and countries in which the company operates.
  • Expectations about future demands for high bandwidth connectivity to support the business.
  • Whether there may be a role for European institutions to support the effective and consistent provision of high bandwidth connectivity for businesses - and if so, where the focus should lie.

This workshop gave INTUG and its members an opportunity to influence EU broadband strategy, standards and regulation, strengthening our efforts to achieve our goal to “bring down all barriers companies and public institutions face when developing their ICT strategies”.



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