Orange discusses cloud adoption at INTUG workshop


What are the issues for businesses and the challenges for policy makers?

Thanh Nguyen, Deputy Director, representation to the European Institutions from Orange, spoke about the challenges of cloud adoption and the European cloud initiative at the INTUG workshop on eliminating the barriers to a company’s ICT strategy at the European level, on 21 May 2015, in Brussels, Belgium.

She first highlighted how cloud computing services can be drivers of IT transformation and digitalisation for businesses. However, there are a very large number of issues that are blocking adoption by businesses, including trust in data security and processing, business risks related to compliance and liability on personal data regulation, as well as users’ concerns about interoperability and more. Encouraging cloud adoption will require considerable support from policy makers.

Thanh Nguyen also presented some very interesting figures on the state of market regarding data centres in the world. For example, most of the largest centres are found in North America or Asia (China, India), which makes these regions locations of choice for competitiveness of cloud services, since they can support large economies of scale.  Meanwhile, investment in new data centres is moving at a much slower pace in regions such as Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East - a reality that can raise competitive pricing issues for business customers who have constraints or preferences regarding their data and cloud services originating from these regions. The workshop discussed how this will impact the adoption of cloud by businesses in other parts of the world, including Europe.


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