INTUG speaks at Digital Assembly in Riga + INTUG brings together different stakeholders


Events highlight connectivity and eliminiting the barriers to companies' ICT strategies at the international/European level

At an INTUG workshop held in Brussels, businesses came together with various stakeholders - national user groups, European Commission representatives and providers - to discuss the most important topics for the business market. This very valuable meeting took on topics from broadband, to cloud, to international mobile business services. It also included a case study by InBev on the challenges of running a large international corporate network and an interactive discussion to provide input on a large scale study for the European Commission, by WIK-Consult. The topics raised helped INTUG to broaden its views and to gather information that will strengthen its positions. This type of multi-stakeholder meeting is very useful, and INTUG intends to arrange more in the future.

In addition, on 18 June 2015, INTUG participated in the Digital Assembly 2015 in Riga, attended by over 500 participants. INTUG presented key issues from the business market in the panel discussion of the event's "A Connected Digital Single Market" workshop, which focussed on access and connectivity. Roberto Viola, the newly appointed Director General of DG CNECT, was the presenter for the very well-attended workshop, ensuring that INTUG's message is being heard at key levels.

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