Status report on BSA/BELTUG communication + members receive letters from Microsoft: software license issues


Recommendations for BELTUG members receiving letters on licensing issues from "BSA - The Software Alliance" and Microsoft

Following our "Open Letter to BSA" and recommendations on what to do should you receive a letter from BSA,  BELTUG had a very constructive face-to-face meeting with representatives of BSA in March. "BSA- The Software Alliance" expressed their appreciation of BELTUG's efforts to raise awareness about software licensing and compliance issues, and clarified the messages, as well as the potential actions hinted at, in the letters. However, despite BELTUG's request to stop, "BSA- The Software Alliance" continues to send these letters to our members.

In addition, BELTUG members have been receiving letters from Microsoft encouraging the companies to install a free software audit tool from Snow Software. However, the letter is very light on critical details, such as support, updates and the potential legal use of the information sent to Microsoft.

BELTUG has put together a "BSA and Software Licensing Activities Status Message" with details about the letters, our response, the feedback from BSA and our recommendations to our members. We highly recommend anyone involved in software licensing to read this document.

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