Government e-invoicing initiative: BELTUG asks for clarifications and efficient practical arrangements


BELTUG supports the government's decision to introduce e-invoicing to the public bodies; e-invoicing can offer many benefits for all of the organisations involved.

To ensure a smooth roll-out and adoption, however, the process must be transparent. We see that some of our members who will be impacted have a number of questions.

To support our members, we are liaising with the government to request clear information on several topics, including the date of implementation at the different levels (federal institutes, regional bodies and local governments) and for each modality.

We also want to stress to the government that the solution must be efficient for its suppliers: these companies should be able to use one system for the various public bodies and institutes, at all different levels. Having different implementation dates and different processes makes this difficult.

Finally, we would like to be sure that the Belgian adaptions to the European standard are limited.

BELTUG is preparing a Position for the government that we will make public to our members as soon as it is available.

In the meantime, more information about the e-invoicing initiative can be found on: nl fr


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