BELTUG responds to government e-invoicing with Position and cooperation with Agoria


BELTUG is continuing its ongoing efforts to ensure that the needs of businesses are being met within the Belgium government’s new, mandatory e-invoicing initiative, in particular to ensure transparency and a smooth roll-out.

We support the government's decision to introduce e-invoicing by all suppliers to all public bodies, and are convinced that e-invoicing can offer many benefits for all of the organisations involved. But to ensure a smooth roll-out and adoption, the process must be transparent. And some of our members have expressed very serious questions they would like to have answered.

To support all of our members impacted by this initiative, we have prepared a Position (currently available in Dutch and French).

We want to stress to the government that the solution must be efficient for the suppliers: they should be able to use one system for the various public bodies and institutes, at all different levels. Differing implementation dates and processes are complicating this.

We are liaising directly with the government to request clear information on several topics, including the dates of implementation:

  • at the different levels (federal institutes, regional bodies and local governments)
  • and for each modality.

At a joint event on 20 November 2015 BELTUG and Agoria ICT (representing the service providers for e-billing) will join forces to discuss the challenges of the rollout. BELTUG members with an e-billing project or experience are welcome to join the discussion.

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