New BELTUG Cabinet sets priorities at CIO level


One of BELTUG’s key responsibilities is lobbying in the interests of its members: digital technology decision makers and the companies they work for. Our investments in developing our lobbying capabilities have paid off in, for example, the direct contact we have with the Cabinets of Minister De Croo (Digital Agenda) and Secretaries of State Tommelein (Privacy) and Francken (Simplification of Administration).

Now, we want to ensure that our lobbying efforts take into consideration the priorities and needs of CIOs. So we have set up a new initiative: the BELTUG Cabinet, to reinforce our approach and develop it professionally.

At the first meeting of the BELTUG Cabinet on 28 September 2015, some 20 Chief Executive Officers (CIOs) took part. Together they discussed and defined the priorities they want to see BELTUG’s lobbying address over the coming months.

Software contracts and BELTUG’s Code of Conduct 

The number one headache for the CIOs was revealed to be contracts, licences and audits from big IT software publishers. The group agrees that, with the move to cloud contracts, the issues will not be resolved.

The Cabinet members want action from BELTUG on three levels: vendor, European Commission and national.  In particular, they welcome the BELTUG initiative to create a proposed Code of Conduct for software providers.

Cybersecurity and privacy

The CIOs also brought up cybersecurity and threats as a key issue where BELTUG lobbying can make a difference. The newly created Centre for Cyber Security should provide good coordination on the federal level.

BELTUG’s recent market study revealed that most BELTUG members aren't sure to whom they should report data leaks. The EU-level General Data Protection Regulation is expected to be voted in by the end of the year. It will stipulate the obligations for companies within the EU. BELTUG’s actions will therefore take place within the European context.  BELTUG will ask for a viewpoint from the Privacy Commission on privacy issues for companies.

Internet of Things

The need to be able to change a company’s mobile operator, quickly and straightforwardly, is a concern for domestic and international companies alike, and therefore touches both BELTUG and our international arm, INTUG. For the Internet of Things (IoT), this includes the ability to change provider without physically replacing each and every SIM card impacted.

This issue is being discussed with BEREC (28 regulators), the GSMA (representing the mobile operators) and the EC. When other issues in the context of IoT become clear BELTUG will take them on board.

Indoor coverage

Indoor coverage remains an issue for the BELTUG Cabinet, and for BELTUG’s members in general. Over 50% of our members indicated in our Market Survey that it is a serious issue for them.

BELTUG has already taken some concrete actions around the topics raised by the BELTUG Cabinet. These include a session on cybersecurity insurance, a session to exchange experiences on dealing with international mobile communications (foreseen), a position on indoor coverage, and more. We are very pleased with the interest shown by our CIO members in the BELTUG Cabinet, and in their participation and sharing of their concerns and experiences.


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