BELTUG develops a proposal for a Code of Conduct for software providers


With so many questions from our members regarding software license management and software audits, BELTUG has worked for the past several months to prepare a proposal for a Code of Conduct for software publishers.

This proposal for a Code of Conduct defines a set of acceptable practices for software publisher’s behaviour and covers contractual, technical, lifecycle and software audit conduct rules. The ultimate goal of the proposal for a Code of Conduct is for software vendors to provide legal certainty and unambiguous software licensing contracts with a clear definition of responsibilities for both software vendors and customers.

The proposal for a Code of Conduct has now been approved by INTUG (the international lobby umbrella of BELTUG), and we are looking for support from other organisations for the position. EuroCIO has expressed interest.

This is an issue that must be tackled on both the national and international levels. On the Belgian level, we have appointments with the CEOs of Microsoft Belgium and SAP BeLux. On the international level, the proposal for a Code of Conduct was presented at the SAMs Europe 2015 meeting for Software Asset Management, in Berlin, September 2015, and was very well received. It was also presented at the BEREC Stakeholders meeting on 15 October, and at a hearing for the European Commission on opportunities for ICT strategies for business, held on 11 November. In December, it will be presented at the European CIO Conference in Berlin.

We will keep you up to date on developments.

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