INTUG makes statement on the Internet of Things to BEREC


"Business users globally are recognising the rapidly increasing opportunities presented by the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), especially in industries suitable for “connected things”, said INTUG in a statement to the 3rd BEREC Stakeholder Forum, held in Brussels, Belgium on 15 October 2015.

The Statement continued: "Extended supply chains linking manufacturers to transport organisations, distributors, retailers and end consumers can deliver enhanced customer experience for all manner of connected 'things'.   In many cases, this may involve life or death applications, such as in e-health, e-transport and mission critical control of energy utilities and real-time manufacturing processes, for example those using dangerous chemicals.  

This environment is unavoidably and beneficially international and is not limited to the EU.  It requires network access that is seamless across borders, giving full network connectivity and access to all services and content.  Public Sector efficiencies and improved productivity from investment in M2M applications will only be realised when universal connectivity is achieved, enabling legacy services to be switched off.  This requires universal broadband connectivity and mobile access with service quality (not just speed) which is appropriate and necessary for the applications implemented.  

Mobile Network Operators must evolve an ecosystem that removes all cross network and cross border barriers, whether financial (e.g. roaming charges) or functional (e.g. exclusive device/network arrangements), and must allow applications the flexibility to change network operators in support of applications without the need to change a physical SIM card.  Standardisation of technologies and spectrum harmonisation, not just within the EU, must also be aggressively pursued, so that eventually any ‘thing’ can gain access from any network in any country.  The current limitations where some mobile devices are unusable in certain other countries cannot be tolerated long term."

INTUG is keen to maintain an active dialogue with BEREC on the enabling the Internet of Things and M2M, and will make itself available for consultation and interview as appropriate".


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