BELTUG/INTUG talk software licenses at SAMS 2015


Danielle Jacobs, Managing Director of BELTUG and Chairman of INTUG, spoke about the need for companies to stand together as users of software at the SAMS (Software Asset Management Strategies) Europe 2015 conference, held 21-22 September 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

It is important for business users of ICT to form communities of interests to address questions on software licensing, she commented. Not only are the issues involved complex, but there are also challenges in dealing with the software providers themselves.

BELTUG/INTUG have therefore developed a proposal for a Code of Conduct to define a set of acceptable practices for software publisher’s behaviour and covers contractual, technical, lifecycle and software audit conduct rules.

SAM 2015 gave Danielle the opportunity to explain the proposal for a Code of Conduct to the software asset managers, in order to build support and to get feedback from this key group on the issues.

You can see an interview of Danielle at SAM 2015 here.

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