BELTUG participates in Privacy Platform Cabinet meeting on IoT


Paul De Cooman, Managing Director of BELTUG, took part in a cabinet meeting of the Privacy Platform of Secretary of State for Privacy Bart Tommelein on the Internet of Things (IoT). The group discussed the global and local markets and players, with an emphasis on competition. The IoT is part of a global market that already contains many large global actors. To ensure a level playing field for local players, without stifling competition, the cabinet wants to clarify the existing rules on privacy.

During the meeting, the cabinet focussed on providing input for three questions, which will be dealt with in a future meeting :

  • Working definitions of key concepts, such as personal data, data controller, subcontractor, etc.
  • Technical clarification about the metadata generated by the objects, storage, conservation, encryption, etc.
  • Accessibility of data and metadata for police and courts

At the end of the information collection and reflection phases, the Tommelein cabinet will publish a document to support companies in providing IoT services. We will keep you informed of the progress of this initiative.

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