INTUG Participates in WIK Study for EC on Access and Interoperability


The European Commission has published a study by WIK-Consult on the harmonisation of access and interoperability.

The study, titled Investigation into Access and Interoperability Standards for the Promotion of the Internal Market for Electronic Communications looks at what impact standardisation of access products at the wholesale level could have, and the conditions to achieve this.

Among the conclusions, the study finds that common specifications for access products could support the transition to high-speed broadband services by reducing the ‘time to market’, and improve provisioning conditions, quality and consistency for multi-national businesses.

INTUG played a role in this study, putting business users and national users’ groups in touch with WIK-Consult at different stages, to discuss access and interoperability pain points.

This gave INTUG and its members an opportunity to influence EU broadband strategy, standards and regulations, strengthening its efforts to achieve its goal to “bring down all barriers companies and public institutions face when developing their ICT strategies”.

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