Telenet and Orange may offer welcome competition in Belgian business telecoms market


The purchase of Base by Telenet and the adoption of the Orange brand by Mobistar may bring welcome competition to the Belgian market for business services, says BELTUG General Manager Danielle Jacobs in an Opinion article published in Data News (in FR and NL). Currently, Proximus retains some 60% market share amongst businesses, and remains the only major provider offering both fixed and mobile telephony services to Belgian companies.

The article highlights the challenges facing both Base/Telenet - including the geographical coverage of Telenet's fixed lines, mostly in Flanders- and Mobistar/Orange, which has an issue with "last kilometer". "Over the top" providers are also putting the pressure on, as the delivery of  communications services extends beyond the telecoms operators.

Both companies have strengths that may well be enhanced by their latest moves, which will hopefully revitalise the market and bring a greater level of competition to the mix.

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