Danielle Jacobs named a Data News 'Insider'


Data News has started a new initiative aimed at providing insight into the Belgian ICT world: the Data News Insiders. Made up of opinion leaders and experts, the Insiders will provide opinions on news and happenings impacting digital technology users in Belgium. BELTUG General Manager Danielle Jacobs has been selected as one of the first Insiders.

As the Data News website explains: "What does the announcement of provider X or the purchase of service provider Y mean for consumers, professional end users, IT managers, business owners or heads of companies like you? What impact will the new legislation on privacy have on your company? What’s going on in security? And what are your rights as a telecoms user?  Our Insiders will give you their frank and explicit opinions."

Danielle joins other Insiders from a range of businesses and organisations including Omar Mohout (Sirris), Peter Hinssen (Nexxworks), Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert (deJuristen), Saskia Van Uffelen (Ericsson), Luc Costers (VMware), Karen Boers (, Hans De Leenheer (Trendminer), Louis Jonckheere (Showpad), Jonas Dhaenens (Intelligent), Ben Caudron (socioloog/docent), Xavier Damman (OpenCollective) and Eddy Willems (Gdata). You can find more information on Insiders on the Data News website, in French and Dutch.

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