BELTUG in driver's seat for indoor coverage working group


At a meeting facilitated by the BIPT, in April 2016, BELTUG gave an overview of the indoor coverage issues to the Belgian mobile operators.  All three operators were present (Base/Telenet, Mobistar/Orange and Proximus). 

As a result of the session, a working group will be set up to tackle the main issues.  BELTUG will chair the working group for two major topics. Firstly, for setting up an information campaign directed towards the building industry (architects, project developers, property owners, etc.) in order to raise awareness on the importance of indoor coverage. Secondly, an evaluation of possible answers to uncertainties and problems that can arise when terminating a lease agreement or when changing mobile operators.

Two other topics were defined; the chairs for these will be determined soon. The first covers an agreement on technical guidelines, including clear design rules, the use of certified materials and equipment, and certification and testing of the installation before activation.  The final topic is the feasibility and effectiveness of an online central register for new and existing indoor installations, which should simplify and streamline the users' application process for new installations. Agoria will join in on these discussions.

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