Cloud as CAPEX: BELTUG searches for a solution


Cloud will be the IT architecture of the future, but how will we pay for it? The popular pay-as-you-go formula doesn't fit all companies: public institutions that can't interchange CAPEX and OPEX budgets, companies listed on the stock exchange with high IT expenses that must focus on EBITDA, etc.

Currently, OPEX cloud models mean these organisations cannot move into the cloud as deeply as they would like. They need new cloud business models. Can we find a solution to bring cloud to the asset side of the company balance sheet: a CAPEX model?

BELTUG is all about eliminating barriers, so we want to unleash the benefits of cloud for as many companies as possible. We brought together business users, some suppliers, the Vlerick Management School and financial experts in a brainstorming session to uncover possible ways to combine the technical advantages of cloud with an acceptable accountancy solution.  

While we don't have the solution yet, we believe we can find one. We will start pragmatically, by making some test cases to demonstrate the problem. The cases will allow us to illustrate the difficulties, in order to work to find a concrete solution that we can propose to the government. The digital transformation of the economy is taking place right now - accountancy rules need to keep up. 

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